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Translation Services

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Translation Services

Translation services are available for public and private organizations and individuals.

These translators have gone beyond just translating one text to another, they provide cultural and social contributions so your translated text has the impact and flow it really needs.

They are able to understand and relate to your demands and challenges and help provide you with the required translation. With them, you do not run the risk of translating out of context.

What they offer Translation Services:

  1. A fast and reliable way of translating your texts, words, phrases, and document.
  2. A human touch, this basically means they can relate with your needs and business goals and offer such when translating.
  3. Use of high quality and expert translation tools. They implement computer and terminology management tools to provide you with accurate and high quality work.
  4. They provide accurate and on point translation services.
  5. Great experience and expertise in areas ranging from biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, and medicine.
  6. As a company with a load of work, you can easily combine translation software and employ translation services that will help you edit, confirm and proofread giving time for other activities.
    Same features as machine translation services which include:
  7. Translation memory: There is a database for past work allowing you to draw information from them. Like there`s in Online Dictionary.
  8. Computer-assisted translation tools: This makes the job faster, efficient and accurate.
  9. Terminology management, among others.
  10. Lead translators are available to understand and relate with your tone, desires, and specific needs. In-house translators override cultural and social barriers and offers you translation services that follow the theme of the culture you are translating to.
  11. You can also find freelance translators who make contributions to your subject matter and provide you with ideas and better ways of composition. Your translators understand your business’s goals and needs and provide you with results that respond to them.
  12. Translations services include:
  13. Proofreading: With translation services, you have accurate translation services at your disposal. They make corrections, edit and rearrange.
  14. Post-translation services: After using a machine translation service, translation services provide you with diverse translation services from editing, proofreading to confirmation using multiple sources and ideas. They also make reasonable corrections providing you with an error-free and highly professional work.
  15. Telephonic interpretation: You can find on phone interpretation.
  16. Editing: They also edit already translated texts or documents.
  17. Transcription: Using a computer, they perform word processing and speech recognization into the required representation.
  18. Desktop publishing: You can find translated work delivered on your personal computer.
  19. Film subtitling: You can find translation services for your film subtitles, in an accurate and professional manner.
  20. Interview research and public relations.
  21. Voice over translation: To avoid the risk of misinterpretation, translation services offers you voice over translation either an audio recording or video recording. You can have your questions and any area of confusion smoothened out.
  22. Translation services basically offer more than translation software and online dictionaries. You can solely use translators or make use of post-translation translators. They understand your subject matter, theme, cultural and social requirement and work accordingly.

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