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The term “incense” originally began way back 6000 years ago. It heard also been known as one of the first fragments which heard been used by humans years back.

The use of incense wood was made into recording the first in japan around 595, which was during the new reign of the Empress Suiko and not long before the date, which was in the mid-sixth century, Buddhism heard already been introduced into Japan from the continent, and along with the whole image of the Buddhist and sutras, other incense and implements were also imported.

It has been gossiped that the first incense happens when the Buddhists came from China which was somehow when it started in the Asians.

The first time incense was used happened during the fifth dynasty and since then till now japan majorly uses either smoldering or heating small pieces of fragrant of the wood or burning the incense directly in the stick form or cones which are formed from paste without a bamboo stick.

Currently, all the companies that produced incense existed more than 300 years ago. In Japan some things are needed to be known about their history of incense:

  • When and where they make use of their incense.

In japan they are accustomed to certain periods in lighting their incense which is listed below;

  1. Buddhist ceremonies.
  2. Spirituality.
  3. Meditation.
  4. Death.

 Buddhist ceremonies 

Normally, during the Buddhist ceremonies, you would have to light the candle first then after, light the incense from the candle. For a standard practice, you are needed to bow to the Buddha image with his or her palm together.

After leaving one hand in the palms – in a together position. Light one end of the incense. So thereafter you are left with a flaming incense stick.


From back then during the spirituality session of incense in Japan. He or she needs to light the end of an incense stick which was made by the Chinese, burn for ten seconds then blow out the flames. You are needed to make sure the end is still lit and place it in an incense holder. Let the incense which has been made burn until it’s fully extinguished.

Incense has been commonly used as an instrument to lessen the burden of the minds and souls. The instrument has brought not only comfort but also support to the whole society at large back then and still today.


While using incense during meditation he or she needs to;

  • Sit comfortably and after he or she is to light the incense according to the directions and instructions.
  • While the trails of the curling smoke advanced and waft upwards. He or she is expected to just focus and watch closely. Let the smoke immensely trail you into another realm and part. Let its s work manifest in his or her body.
  • When in the spirit of meditation if there is any thought or thinking that comes into one’s head, slowly try to turn your attention back towards the trail of the smoke that elopes from the incense. Stay calm and fixed at what moment you are now and enjoy the display of elegance.
  • Stay in the same position for how long he or she can. Pay attention to the time available and the time which heard been spent during your ability to focus. He or she may want to spend a little time or five to ten minutes to focus at the immediate beginning. Reducing the session and trying to practice more often is when it needed to be done after.

In meditation, while using incense It brings great joy and inner peace while concentrating or connecting to your inner mind, and in such comfort, the whole body responds radically and drastically to how to please the scent produces.


Death no doubt is always the most painful moment to all humans and for the Japanese, they make that mental very sacred in the past and partially now to always render their dead ones and to let them go over to the afterlife.

Immediately after the death of their loved one a Japanese wake is accustomed to. Each of the family members will offer the incense three times to the incense urn which is right in front of the dead individual. Most times at the same time other family members will perform the same ritual at another location behind the family’s seat or somewhere else.

  • Why the incense in Japan is much better.

In Japan, incense heard been used to cleanse and purify for a thousand years. Throughout those times it has been known and has come to be seen as the highest quality incense variety in the world.

The Japanese sticks have a much slightly dense scent and were also less fumy than their counterparts. One and each of these sticks which were mentioned burned for at least 25 minutes and because of the core parts which weren’t from Another bamboo, it was easier to get a clearer and nicer burn.

  • How and what their incense is made of.

The Japanese incense is made of Sandalwood, agarwood, resin, and essential oils. Their trees are secreted and bring nice smelling resin, which in time turns into koboku, the fragrant wood. Kyara is a type of fragrant wood that has high oil content & superior fragrance which makes it so valuable or important while using.

  • How long have they been using it.

The Use of license and the burning of it heard started in the 6th century which was the Ashland period. Front he introduction of Buddhism, which uses incense during rituals and ceremonies.


The Japanese are no doubt dedicated individuals for their rituals and how they make use of their incense in different dedicated ways. Be sure to look into their historical histories of incense practice from the beginning to their present years. After all the setbacks in japan, their incense has never died or stopped being used to this day.

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