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Latest online dictionary nowadays

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Latest online dictionary nowadays

An online dictionary is basically a dictionary that can be assessed on your web browser. With an internet connection, you can check for the meaning of words, synonyms and other related functions using your smartphone, PC, iPhone, and tablets. There are those you have to subscribe to, there are also free ones online while there are those that are available free of charge but you have to subscribe to gain access to more advanced or professional options.

The structure of online dictionary varies. Some are arranged in a glossary-like format while others present as search features, reverse lookups and other language tools. Some offer discussion forum, verb conjugations and grammar references. Some of them are Merriam-Webster OnLine, American Heritage Dictionary, Collins Online Dictionary, Oxford Dictionaries Online, among others.

There are also dictionaries that are specific to one language, those available for multiple languages and English dictionaries.
Multilingual Dictionaries

These allow you to look up words in multiple languages. Some of them are:

  • Madura English-Sinhala Dictionary: This dictionary is available online free of charge and allows you to check for English words in Sinhala and vice versa.
  • Ultralingua: Basically an online dictionary that offers word check in multiple languages. It is free and also has premium options.
  • Webster’s Online Dictionary (The Rosetta Edition): The Webster’s online Dictionary is like a storehouse for other multilingual online dictionaries. It combines them in one place, including an encyclopedia.

Latest online dictionary nowadays – You can also find Wiktionary and Wikipedia here:

  • Multitran: It is a multilingual online dictionary that focuses on Russian language and allows you add your own translation too.
  • WWWJDIC: With this dictionary, you can search up for Japanese words and meaning and get the translation in English and vice versa.
  • Reverso: Reverso offers a chance to check for words in multiple languages and select your target language.
    Other languages

There are also online dictionaries available in specific languages. This means you can only search for the subject language the dictionary offers. Some of them are:

  1. e-mahashabdkosh: It is a bi-lingual and bi-directional Hindi/English dictionary that plays host to Hindi and English languages.
  2. Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru: This particular dictionary is specific to the Welsh language.
  3. Van Dale dictionary: Available for the Dutch language.
  4. William Whitaker’s Words: This is a Latin dictionary.
  5. Woordenboek der Nederlandsche Taal: This is a dictionary of the Dutch language.
  6. Yeminlisozluk: Specific to Turkish language and can be used as a translation tool.
  7. Academic Dictionary of Lithuanian
  8. Dictionary of the Scots Language
  9. English language

These are basically online dictionaries available for the English language. They include:

  1. Logos Dictionary: This dictionary is available online for free. It also comes with advanced contents for a fee.
  2. Urban Dictionary: This contains slangs and made up words.
  3. Online Etymology Dictionary
  4. Pseudodictionary: These do not contain real words but are actually slangs and made up words submitted by users.
  5. WordNet: Any word you need to find, you can easily get it here.
  6. Free On-line Dictionary of Computing
  7. Wordweb: This is primarily available on windows and can be accessed free of charge. It also comes with advanced options.

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