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Movie Translation

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movie translation

Movie translation is done by most movie producers looking to market across countries. Different parts are translated at each stage and as such, movie translators are usually required from the pre-production stage to the final stage of marketing.

Translators are required to convert scripts and articles that have to do with the film and also dubbing and creation of subtitles in many languages. Movie translation is basically done to reach a more international audience.

It is a lot of work and as such requires great skill and precision.

What it is needed for movie translation:

Subtitle and dubbing: In dubbing, the audio track of the film is changed so characters appear to be speaking in foreign languages.
Dubbing is a serious work and usually requires translators to create a script of the original language used in the movie. They also have to ensure that the language speed is arranged to rhyme with the character’s movements. In dubbing, cultural and societal norms are taken into consideration.

A translator , free translation, must not offend or use words and languages that are not allowed in the target source. In subtitling, the written captions of each dialogue are shown at the bottom in another language. This also has to synchronize with the character’s movement and speed.

To subtitle accurately, the translator must understand cultures and be well able to interpret hidden phrases, slangs, expressions and motives. Translations services for movies are also done in trailers, print ads, online content, radio, and TV.

Movie translation varies across countries

It is determined by the source country in relation to the target country, whether dubbing or subtitle would be best and what is the norm and tradition practiced in the country.

Movies from English speaking countries usually come with subtitles. Countries like Slovenia, Greece, Denmark, and Sweden make use of subtitles while countries like Finland and Belgium make use of more than one subtitles because of the different languages spoken there. Dubbing is mostly done in countries that speak Italian, French, German and Spanish. Dubbing is expensive and technical and some countries have opted for voice-overs.

Music translators must follow certain guidelines and they include:

  1. Limited number of characters. This means they have to be able to pass the message in the number of words they are allowed to display usually from 30 to 60 words.
  2. They must follow expressions, mannerisms, and terms accurately.
  3. Subtitles must synchronize with sounds and action while in dubbing, the words spoken must not be longer than the original words.
  4. Translators have to be aware of terms that are used in other languages and how best to translate them, especially words that do not have direct translation.
    Words used in medical fields, engineering, political, law and in other fields have to be interpreted if there are no direct words for them.
  5. Subtitles are only left on the screen for few seconds, so it can follow the dialogue and the reader has to be fast enough to catch them.
  6. In dubbing, the overall translated words must take the same duration and can’t be longer or shorter than the original one.

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