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Translation Software - Use OnlineTranslates!

What is a Translation software?

Translation softwares are programs that allow you to translate content from one language to another (etc. Language Translator).

Once installed on a computer, you can daily consult them whenever you need to translate words, texts, articles, and whole documents. More and more people in the cooperate world are making use of translation software.

This is because it provides them with the ease of translation when dealing with foreign clients, friends, and investors.

At this point, using just free translation services like google translator may not be enough. You need a software that you can call on to perform all your needed translation needs conveniently.

Some companies actually request for these translation softwares to be used by their freelance translators in their services.

Some of the features of the best translation software include:

  • Terminology management: This particular feature saves words based on the context they are being used. It ensures that you use the right word that best fit the context of your sentence.
  • Translation memory: This basically saves words you have translated in the past and allows you to recall them. With this, you don’t have to repeat the same words or phrase. You simply check your history.
  • Voice over translation: Some software provides you with audio translation in MP3 or WAV formats.

Here are some of the best translation software available:

  • GlobalLink: This particular software combines everything you need as different apps that can function together or independently. You have access to services like translation memory and a review portal, a localization platform where you can follow patterns of your searches, allows you open multilingual websites all in one place, CMS integration in addition to a web-based management tool. You can customize the results you want, edit, delete and add based on your company’s theme. Its just like having your own personalized translator. As a company, you will have no problem dealing with the foreign market with the GlobalLink software.
  • Text United: Text United is easy to use and navigate. It provides high-quality translation services by professional translators around the world. You can add and send files using platforms like Dropbox, Github, Bitbucket and many more. Other features include translation memory, data migration, multilingual SEO tools, terminology management, and machine translation. You can conveniently work as a team using this software.
  • Phrase App: With Phrase app, you have additional translation services which allow you to confirm a particular translation with other professional translators. You can receive updates through emails and your messaging app.
  • Pairaphrase: With Pairaphrase, you can convert multiple documents at the same time. You can convert from PowerPoint, Excel, InDesign all at once. It translates into 57 languages and performs voiceover translation in 18 languages. It also saves your previous searches in your own memory bank. Additionally, you can work together as a team using this software irrespective of your location.
  • Lionbridge Translation Workplace: In addition to providing quality translation services, this software has a live, online interface that allows users to communicate and work on projects together.

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